– Take Sonic Survey – Get Free Drink – Hey guys! Do you love drinks? What if you get a chance to win a free drink by just taking a 5 min survey? How frequently have you visited the place? How much did you like their grilled sandwiches or onion rings? What are the improvements they should indulge in? Now, with this survey you can let the company know about your experience with their fast food items and customer service.

The survey is easily accessible at their official website The company is a fast food restaurant chain providing a variety of food items like shakes, soft drinks, hamburgers, onion rings etc. 

TalktoSonic Customer – Take Sonic Survey – Get Free Drink

It is normal for every company or brand to know about how the customers feel about their services and so they designed this online survey. You just need to participate in the survey and give your honest feedback for the questions asked accordingly. The feedback is collected and analysed for the improvement in services and also comes up with new food items and services which match customer satisfaction level. You can be the lucky one to win free rewards like ice tea or soda after completing the survey.

Though, before taking part in the survey, there are some basic rules and regulations which need to be followed stepwise. Therefore, I have mentioned everything related to the survey in this blog post which will let you know you can enter the survey more than once which would enhance your chance of winning free rewards.

How to Participate in Sonic Survey

It is necessary that you visit any of the sonic restaurants and buy something and get a receipt. Make sure to keep the receipt safe as it contains the survey code which will be entered while participation in the survey. 

Now, follow these steps –

  • Go to the official survey website at
  • Choose your preferred language of choice. You can choose among two languages only, English or Spanish. 
  • Enter the survey id from your receipt
  • Click start after this
  • There are different questions asked in the survey. Some of the questions include rating overall satisfaction at the store, number of items you shopped for and what were the items, quality of drinks and food, staff nature, express your issues or concerns if you faced any, efficiency and accuracy of the placed order. - Take Sonic Survey - Get Free Drink

  • You will also be asked about whether you were satisfied with the prices of the products you ordered or not.
  • Now Enter your personal details like full name, address, email ID and contact number. 

The restaurant only allows you to participate in the survey for once according to the company policy. But there is a way by which you can take the survey more than once. As you take the survey once, your IP address and MAC address gets stored in the company’s database. So the next time you take the survey, you should do that with a different IP address and MAC address. This can be done by changing the internet connection. 

Benefits and rewards –

These are the following functions or benefits- 

  1. The survey helps to improve quality for services and food products.
  2. This survey helps to identify the areas where the company needs improvements and works towards them.
  3. After analyzing the feedback, the company gets to know about the customers needs and desires which is worked upon by the company to enhance customer satisfaction. 
  4. The staff gets knowledge about how much the customers liked their nature, ambience of the restaurant, services, hygiene etc. 

After completing the survey successfully, you can get a free sonic route 44 drink including- 

  • Sort drink
  • Slush
  • Limeade
  • Iced tea

But you should know that you are not eligible for winning all these free drinks at once. One coupon gives you one free drink only. So, you can select only one among these. Also note that the rewards keep changing and can be different for different people. 

Terms and Conditions of Participating in Sonic Survey

  • The people participating in the survey must be 18 years old or above.
  • The entrants must have a basic knowledge of English or Spanish language. 
  • You need to have a less than 14 days old valid purchase receipt from the restaurant containing a survey code at the bottom left to take the survey.
  • A gadget like laptop, PC or phone with an active internet connection.
  • To access the survey portal, you should use an updated and a secure version of the web browser. 
  • For getting your rewards on your next visit, keep the previous purchase receipt handy with you.
  • The free 44 route drink code is valid for only upto 60 days. Redeem the offer within this time period.
  • Only one person is allowed to enjoy the offer per receipt.

Take Sonic Survey - Participate & WIN

  • The code is only usable if you have successfully participated and competed the talktosonic survey.

About company

It is an American chain of fast food restaurants under the company Inspire Brands. It is headquartered in Oklahoma. It was originated in 1953 by Troy Smith. 

In nearly 45 states of the United States, there are over 3600 restaurants. It ranked among the top 50 fast food restaurants as per the reports in QSR magazine in 2011. The company employs more than 900 employees. In order to stay connected with their customers with each passing day, they launched a survey on their online platform. It alone runs more than 3000 stores in the United States. People love to spend time here and they love the food. 

It provides with a wide variety of products to their customers like hamburgers, fries, chilli dogs, hot dogs, sandwiches, corn dogs, chicken, milkshakes, onion rings, cheddar peppers, slushes, drinks, soda etc. The company was initially named as Top-Hat drive in restaurant which was then changed to Sonic drive in later in 1959. It is well known for its roller stakes and car hoppers and due to which it also conducts competitors against this. 

Call them at – 1-866-657-6642

Email them at –

Office address – 300 Johny Bench Dr., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104. - Take Sonic Survey


  • How to apply for job at Sonic drive-in restaurant? 

If you are interested in working with them, visit their official website and browse through the job openings in Sonic drive-in careers section. There you can click what interests you and you can submit your application directly.

  • Do I need to make a purchase for taking part in the survey?

Yes. For enjoying free offers of the restaurant, you should have made a purchase from the restaurant at least once. 

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