Pollolistens.com – Participate in Pollo Tropical Survey – $2 Off

PolloListens.com – Hello everyone! Welcome to the Pollolistens survey. Pollo Tropical invites its loyal customer base to give their valuable feedback on the online survey platform designed by the company at their official website www.pollolistens.com. It is an amazing means for its customers who visit the restaurant frequently share their previous experiences with the restaurant and lay hold of coupon code to redeem on their future purchase.

PolloListens.com - Participate in Pollo Tropical Survey

Pollolistens.com – Participate in Pollo Tropical Survey – $2 Off

The survey benefits both the parties i.e customers and the restaurant as it creates a communication link between the two and both of them can have equal say in whatever they think. Thus, it allows dual way communication. In return to the efforts you made and the precious time you gave to fill out the survey, you get a foolproof opportunity to enjoy fabulous discount offers on a visit to any of the Pollo Tropical restaurants next time.

The brand decided to address their customers online so that it can look through every feedback and come to the conclusion for making desired changes. The survey builds a good connection between both the parties with time and with the reward system that has been set up, they are motivated to participate in the procedure of improving offered services and products.

The company wishes to know about your personal opinions and your visit experience to the Pollo Tropical restaurant. Go through the article to know about the rules and regulations and whatever needs to be followed stepwise. 

So, let’s begin!

How to Participate in Pollo Tropical Survey

It is an easy to take survey which will hardly take 10 minutes of yours. You just need to recall your latest visit experience to the restaurant and answer the questions, also you are welcome to share any opinions or suggestions.

www.Pollolisten.com - Win $2 Off! - Pollo Tropical Survey

  • Type the website link in the web browser or go to the website link directly at www.pollolistens.com.
  • Type the survey code in the blank space provided on the receipt.
  • Choose your preferred language from English or Spanish.
  • Enter the 5 digit passcode.
  • You will be asked to provide some details. Fill them accurately.
  • Rate your overall experience with the restaurant on a scale of satisfied to dissatisfied. Note that you give the rating according to your own experience.
  • Rate your satisfaction with various factors like hygiene of the restaurant, ambience, staff nature, food quality etc.
  • Enter your answers in the text box provided if you have any opinions, suggestions or reviews so that it will help the company in making genuine improvements.
  • Upon completion of the survey, you get a survey code which should be noted down on the receipt and the receipt should be kept handy next time.
  • The code can be used during your subsequent stay.Remember that the code is valid for only upto 2 days so redeem it within the time period. 

Benefits and Rewards – Pollolistens.com

Take Pollo Tropical Survey at www.PolloListens.com

You can get a free discount coupon using which you may enjoy free foods and also a free meal. Not only can you enjoy your favourite foods for free by saving money, but also you are creating a better experience for yourself for the future. The professional staff of the company reviews all the opinions carefully which will give you a more satisfying experience. It will help them know what aspects to improve upon, be it, food quality, taste, customer service. 

A happy and satisfied customer means their business will grow at a good pace gradually. 

Terms and Conditions of Participating in Pollo Tropical Survey

  • You should have a valid receipt not more than 2 days old to take the survey.
  • The age limit to take the survey is 18 years.
  • The survey is open only to the legal residents of the USA. As this is a country specific survey, no people belonging to other countries will be allowed to take the survey.
  • For the online survey, you will need a proper working gadget like a phone or laptop with a good internet connection. 
  • The receipt should have a receipt code written on it. Without the code you won’t be able to start with the survey. 
  • You must have fluency with either English or Spanish language as the survey is available only in these two languages. 
  • If you are an employee or a staff member, you will not be eligible to take the survey. Also any of your family members won’t be allowed to enter the survey process.

About Company 

The company started in 1988 by two brothers namely, Larry and Stuart. Larry, basically was a foodie and he started to experiment with grilled chicken in his own backyard which led to the origination of the brand. The citrus marinated flame grilled chicken became the signature dish of their restaurant. The other dishes they included in their menu were fried yuca, slow cooked black beans, sweet plantains and authentic sauces. They began in Miami, Florida. Gradually, it opened its outlets in 19 different locations including Atlanta, Chicago, Tampa and New York and with time the number of restaurants reached to 160. 

 Participate in Pollo Tropical Survey - $2 Off


  • Why does this survey require personal information?

The personal details are asked so as to notify its customers if they become the lucky winners. Also, the discount coupons are sent on their mail. 

  • Is it allowed to enter the Pollo Listens survey without making a purchase?

No. Only people with receipt are allowed to enter the survey. As the survey aims to improve its services for its customers, the people who have purchased something from here will be able to give genuine feedback. To participate in the survey, take the receipt and use the code later. 

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