Lowes.com/Survey – Win $500 Rewards – Lowe’s Guest Survey

Lowes.com/survey – Lowe’s is a retail company known for selling home improvement products. The Lowe’s survey tracks consumer feedback and measures customer satisfaction. Anyone can participate in the 5-minute online survey. You can highlight any issues you had with your purchasing experience on the Lowe’s survey and count on them to take action.


Lowes.com/Survey – Win $500 Rewards – Lowe’s Guest Survey

Survey’s like these are influential, and suggestions provided are considered sincerely to better products and services. There are more advantages of this survey like the reward. If you have purchased recently from the, you should check out the survey and get the chance to win $500 in Lowe’s gift card. Continue reading to learn more about the survey reward and also how you can participate.


You can simply find this survey under “Lowe’s survey” or take it from here.  The survey is for customers, and for their convenience, it is available in two languages. Customers can choose to answer in English or Spanish. The survey also requires an 18-digit code to participate. This Receipt ID helps in verifying the customers to make it exclusive and get serious feedback only. Apart from the feedback and rating, the survey is also a way of entering Lowe’s sweepstakes. Customer’s who successfully submit the survey can choose to enter the sweepstakes at the end. Through the sweepstakes, you get a chance to win Lowe’s $500 gift card. There are few rules of the sweepstakes that need to be followed. We will discuss that and the eligibility criteria in detail. 

Rules and Restrictions – Lowes.com/survey

If the survey sounds interesting to you, review the guidelines. Here we will also include rules of the sweepstakes.


  • You must have a valid receipt with Survey ID. Your most recent purchase receipt contains the survey ID.
  • You should know either English or Spanish to answer.
  • The survey ID can be used only once.Once the ID has been used, it will no longer be valid, and you won’t be able to respond to the questionnaire.
  • There is an expiration period for the survey ID. So, you have to take the survey within the 10 days of purchase.
  • One receipt can only be used once per person to enter the giveaway. A single ID can only be used once.
  • One person can enter the sweepstakes only once by any method of their choice.
  • There won’t be a replacement or substitute in the event that the award is lost..
  • There are two ways to enter sweepstakes and a purchase won’t increase hence for your winning.

Eligibility Criteria – Lowes.com/survey 

After rules, eligibility criteria is the next important thing for participation in survey and drawing.  

  • You have to be 18 years or older on the date of purchase. Although it might not only apply to the survey, this is a condition for sweepstakes.
  • The consumer must be a legitimate resident of the United States in order to enter the sweepstakes.
  • No Lowe’s company employees are permitted to enter the contest.
  • Immediate family of employees cannot participate either.

How to Participate in Lowe’s Guest Survey

Lowes Guest Survey

Online Method to Participate in Lowe’s Guest Survey

There are two ways to enter sweepstakes. One is through Lowe’s survey. Here, we’ll talk about the first. 

Step1: The first thing to do when you visit Lowe survey website is to select the language for the survey. Either English or Spanish are available – www.Lowes.com/survey

Step 2: Then, you will need your purchase receipt to enter the Survey code. You can find the 18-digit number at the bottom. 

Step 3: After that, you enter your home nation. There are only those two choices because the study only includes respondents from the US and Canada.

Step 4: Before beginning the survey, you must also provide your visit information, such as the date and time of your visit.

Step 5: Then there are questions about different aspects of shopping. This includes your in-store experience, quality of products and the staff behaviour. Apart from that, there may be few rating questions too. 

Step 6: After that, you might decide to take part in sweepstakes as well. If you choose yes in this case, another form will appear on the screen. You will put your contact information here so that we can get in touch with you later to let you know the results of the sweepstakes. If you cannot be reached at the stated address, someone else will receive the prize.

Offline Method to Participate in Lowe’s Guest Survey

The second way to enter sweepstakes without survey is through the mail. The procedure is free and straightforward.

Step 1: Handprint your full name, address, age, daytime phone number, and email address on a 4″ x 5″ card. Don’t forget to include your ZIP code.

Step 2: Mail that card on this address.

$500 Monthly Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes at Lowe’s,

P.O. Box 2274, Framingham

MA 01703-2274 


Step 3: Ensure that they receive your message before to the drawing and wrong timeframe.

About the Company

Lucius Smith Lowe first opened the store in 1921. They mostly sold tools and building products. Later, Jim Lowe and Carl Buchan ran the shop. They began swiftly growing in 1955 and eventually built six outlets in North Carolina. 

Their big leap was in 1964.They cut off nearly a million clients before year’s end. Additionally, they now have a significant online presence and more than 2000 locations. 

In 2001, they were one of the companies on the list of “Top 100 Best Companies to Work for in America”. They once more intensified their expansion in 2015–16 and launched locations in Canada and India. They are the greatest place to get a-z home renovation supplies since they are readily available, have high-quality goods, and offer excellent customer service.


Customer Care and Support

There are multiple ways you can provide customer support. These ways also depend on the topic of the problem. There are two customer service helplines available for general inquiries..There are two customer service helplines available for general inquiries. You can contact me on these numbers. They are available 7 days of the week, 8:30 to 7 pm.

To speak with an amateur, dial 1-800-445-6937.

For professionals, this is the helpline number  1-844-569-4776.

This is a unique helpline for you if you have an issue relating to repairs, warranties, or protection plans. Call on 1-888-775-6937.

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